This is Frank Dandy

We are Frank Dandy

This is Frank Dandy’s manifest.

Our commandments. Our ”little red book”. All ambitious brands seem to have one, so why shouldn’t we?

The only question is really what to fill it with. Because let’s be honest, it’s underwear we’re talking about. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not fine arts. It’s not haute couture (though many of our industry colleagues might have a different opinion about their products). And it’s certainly not rocket science. No, Frank Dandy is about relaxed and comfy underwear. It’s as simple as that.

But ok, we’re a bit more than just panties and briefs. We also like to be a pain in the butt of those who take life and themselves too seriously. So why not take the opportunity and let our comfy underwear do just that? Yes, why not let our brand contribute
to a more colorful, friendly and including world? There are certainly enough high-brow brands and people out there. Why not use our relaxed underwear to provoke the ones who need their pulse lowered?

Why not make a collection of rainbow underwear to celebrate diversity and love when certain people – and even countries – seem to want to control who loves who. Who says relaxed underwear can’t be used to open people’s eyes?

Why not make a collection of boxers celebrating junk food in times when people run more marathons than they ingest calories? Or perhaps a collection of smartphone boxers as a friendly nudge to those living their lives in social media rather than in society.

Why not sell our underwear both on fashion high street and far away from it, so that real people can find them.

And why not make underwear a bit more fun and beautiful (even though some people might argue that our idea of beauty is in fact the opposite)? In this optimistic spirit, Frank Dandy loves collaborations too. We love to make new friends and let artists, musicians, free-thinkers, pop-culture contributors and just ordinary people use our underwear as a canvas for their ideas.

Ok, we think you get it. The world would definitely be a better place if people were a bit more unbuttoned. So why not start that movement with Frank Dandy ́s exceptionally relaxed underwear?