It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you’ll drop. You wear it all day and as close to your skin as possible. Only a few selected ones will actually see them, that’s why your underwear is for you.

We believe that the most important thing when it comes to underwear is comfort – regardless of fit, patterns or color. It’s obviously important that a pair of boxers or panties also look great, because those few people you actually allow under your clothes must be pretty special. But more important is that you feel special in them.

We work everyday to make sure that you will feel comfortable in Frank Dandy underwear. Both physically and mentally. We do that through the fabrics we choose, how we stitch the garments and small details like how we removed the laundry tag from all our items.

Our underwear won’t change the world or solve any of the big mysteries in life, but you might. And is @#&%! easier to think straight when everything fits och feels good down there.