03 Oct 2013

'Til Summer Comes Around - How to make winter go by faster

If you happen to be one of those lucky bastards living in the southern hemisphere this blog post might not make much sense to you, but if you are stuck up here in the cold northern with us you know what we’re talking about. Winter’s coming and you are desperately trying to figure out how to make those long, cold, dark days go by. Well, wonder no more! Frank will give you his best tips on how to make this winter seem like a walk in the park, without actually having to take one.

Play video games – Yeah, it’s a no brainer, if you don’t have GTA V yet go get it right now! That ought to keep you busy for some time, plus it’s always summer in Los Santos!

Frank Say's: Play Video Games

Cook – Not only do you need to eat more in winter, cooking is also a nice indoor activity that kills a lot of time if you just go for those slow cooking recipes. Also: you get to eat it afterwards, hurray! And remember: eating alone is boring so invite some friends or a neighbor or parent or whomever over to share the meal with you.

Do charity – Not all charity means standing in the freezing cold giving food to the homeless or trying to get people to sign a petition. You can help challenged kids with their homework, help a new citizen learn the language or help out at a local shelter. There’s a lot of websites helping you find a suitable organization for you, just google volounteer work or charity work in your language. Doing something for others not only is good it feels good to.

Go Cultural – If you are like most people you hardly set foot at a museum, theatre or opera this summer, and no shame in that, summer is for the outdoors. But now it’s time to get your cultural capital refilled, spend your Sunday in a museum and know that you get to treat yourself in the café afterwards for good behavior.

Create something – DIY is hot, and it’s fun! Build yourself a bookshelf or a chair or borrow a sewing machine and make a totebag or a t-shirt or something. Having something in your house that you made yourself is a daily reminder of your own capacity and excellence. Unless you completely fail, in which case it’s a constant reminder of your inadequacy and inferiority.

I built this with my bear hands meme

If, however, you happen to be unlucky enough to have a job, school, friends that needs visiting or you just have to go to the store to buy food, don't miss out on our long johns, leggings and beanies in the Winter Accessories department here on Frank Dandy:
Frank Dandy Gladuar Long Johsn and Leggings