04 Mar 2014


Museum Studio is the name under which Anders Jandér creates images. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always with an impeccable eye for detail. His clients include well noted brands such as Nike, The New York Times, Wood Wood and now Frank Dandy. Perhaps a somewhat unorthodox collaboration one might think. But let's quit speculating and just ask the man himself shall we.

Why Frank Dandy?

During the last year I have been more and more interested in working with patterns, especially on fabrics, and it just felt natural working with a company that is knows for its bold patterns, applying them to underwear which is a product that normally is more toned down.

We brought back the woven boxer to our collection for this partnership, what kind of underwear to you wear yourself?

Only woven, classic boxers actually, so I'm glad you did.

What's your background and why did you become a graphic designer?

I grew up in a small town. All I did during my youth was basically ride my skateboard with my friends. That led to photography, drawing and making my own zines which then led me to graphic design. I studied in Copenhagen for a couple of years, then relocated to Stockholm about five years ago.

Tell us about your prints and your thoughts behind them.

The main inspiration for this collection came from a book on cave paintings. I got interested in how they were made which then led me to researching that and other forms of primitive art as well. While doing so the idea surfaced to work in a similar style using the same techniques as these primitive artists did. So basically the patterns are my own take on primitive art and the motifs they often contain, made by mimicking these techniques. I used colors that connected to where my inspiration came from, limiting the collection to natural pigments like ochre red, indigo blue and coal black. I found this was a really refreshing way to work, setting these boundaries for myself and also learning a lot in the process.

Much of your work seems to be based on analogue techniques, tell us about that?

It depends on the project really, but yes. I have been into that more and more lately. It's mostly about trying to get away from the computer a bit and trying out new styles instead of always walking down the same path. I am also really into 3D and sculpting at the moment.

What are you into besides graphic design and art?

Besides those two interests, I am really into skateboarding still. I also enjoy being in nature, hiking for example and I'm very keen on taking up cross country skiing again this winter.

Name a person you would like to see wearing your underwear designs.

David Attenborough would be amazing.

Check out the collection HERE