04 Jul 2013

Frank's top 10 SALE items

1. Continental Breakfast Boxer - Navy

I love these, the retro comic design and the shade of blue and obviously, breakfast! Who doesn't love breakfast?

2. Gladuar Tank Top - Orange

Grrr! Ok so wild animals = cool, tank tops = cool! Ergo; this tank top is double cool. And it never ever goes out of style, animal patterns will always be stylish.
Go get it!

3. 3P Five Star Solid Briefs White

Some days you just want to be proper, clean and fresh, and these solid classic briefs are perfect for just that! The fact that you get 3 of them for basically nothing makes them the perfect smart buy that you will appreciate many, many days to come.

4. Positvity Short Boxer

Stay Positive! These cheerful boxers brights up any day, I also really like the trendy color combination of turquoise and cerise.

5. Ghettoblaster Boxer

Nothing says summer like ghettoblasters! I also really like the red accentuated waistband.

6. Bamboo Socks - Red

Red socks signalize that you are a rebellious soul, even if you wear it with a suit and a tie. These are the perfect wink to your surrounding that you will never surrender on your values! You are not just buying a pair of crazy cheap crazy comfortable high quality socks, you are buying your freedom!
Go get em!

7. Walton Hip Navy

Ornaments and skulls are the perfect combo of classy and cool, says Frank.
Go get em!

8. Comic Square Boxer - Ocra

These retro comic inspired boxers use a great combo of colours and patterns creating a nice graphic feel.

9. Pitch Boxer Brief

The pitch boxer briefs are another great example of great design that never goes out of style. These college sports briefs are timeless and smashing.

10. Colourblock Mint Boxer

They make me think of ice cream, yum!