17 Jun 2013

Frank's favourite beaches

Want to put your new Frank Dandy swimwear in an awesome setting?
-Here's Frank's top 5 favourite beaches in Europe for you!

1. Turkey: Butterfly Valley, Fethiye
This beach is not for the couch potato, you either trekk here in the mountains (about an hour each way) or you get here by boat. But it sure is worth the trouble! This beach has no electricity, water scooter rental or other nonsense, just sand, water and total bliss (and a laid back hippie-style restaurant, no need to starve).

2. France: La Côte des Basques, Biarritz
This untamed yet exclusive beach has been a popular surfing spot since the 50's, and still is! The bars and restaurants surrounding the beach serves tired sunbathers and surfers great cocktails in a relaxed surfer friendly establishments.

3. Spain: Playa de ses Illetes, Formentera
White sand and crystal clear water on each side of the beach. This place is magic! However avoid it during tourist season, the best time to visit this little piece of heaven on earth is in September. And be sure to not miss the fantastic sunset!

4. Greece: Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia
One of the most beautiful beaches in the world for sure, this is a must for anyone planning a trip to Greece this summer (if you weren't already planning one, maybe you should start doing so right now!). Hidden at the bottom of a steep mountain, this beach feels like a hidden treasure to any visitor. This beach has been voted best beach in Greece 12 times, go see why!

5. Portugal: Falesia Beach, Albufeira
The white sand stretches for several kilometers with beautiful red cliffs making it look almost surreal. This beach is truly original and has all amenities you could ever wish for, without loosing it's untamed flair. If you can muster the energy needed to walk some few hundred metres away from the contact points you can also enjoy a bit of privacy.