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11 Aug 2011

Posted by: Claudia

The word Chandalla.

There is a story behind that name. Last summer I got a phone call from my friend Ilir. Before I had the chance to say hello he shouted - "Chandalla, how are you?" I acted like I had heard that word before but during the whole convo I couldn´t stop thinking about it. Chandalla, what does it mean?

Finally I just asked him. He told me that Chandalla is a word for a woman who is to die for. She is something else. Not like any other girl. She is a "Chandalla".

I am a Chandalla, you are a Chandalla. But not everyone can be a Chandalla.

It´s a state of mind.

chandalla frank dandy

06 Aug 2011

Posted by: Viktor

Frank Dandy shows off spring 2012 collection

This week Frank Dandy visits Denmark for the Copenhagen Fashion Week and the fashion fair CPH Vision. At Terminal-2 Frank Dandy is showing off the spring collection for 2012. Today is the last day of the fair and if you are around come hang out with us in the garden we created in the middle of the fair!

Frank Dandy at T2