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31 Aug 2010

Posted by: Andy

Australian Tip of the day!

Hey mates!

Tip of the day for you Aussies and foreign visitors! One of our favorite street artists Ghostpatrol is about to be featured in an exhibition in Canberra opening in October! You should really take the opportunity to swing by! What we love about Ghostpatrol is that every single one of his pieces is completely different. He is known to be pretty gloomy but at the same time very much passionate about street art.

Until we meet again, enjoy some of Ghostpatrol's best street pieces.





20 Aug 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Dandy's annual summer BBQ

What a sweet summer night!

Thank you everyone for showing your beautiful faces at our house yesterday.
I have to admit that I am a little off today, but that must mean that everything is as it should be, right? We all had a terrific time and to judge from the pictures we've taken, you seemed to have a good time too.

Based on last night, we have decided that we have to use the Frank Dandy house for more partying, so, I hope to see you soon!


Viktor & the FDS

Frank Dandy BBQ

Frank Dandy BBQ

Frank Dandy BBQ

Frank Dandy BBQ

Frank Dandy BBQ

Frank Dandy BBQ

13 Aug 2010

Posted by: Claudia

Kele from Bloc Party goes Bronx

Listen up dear friends!

One of our favourite musicians, Kele Okereke, just released his first Solo Album called “the Boxer”. We are both excited and honoured that he has chosen to wear our brand new boxing inspired style “Bronx” at his latest photo shoot for uMagazine.

By the way, the album is great!

Kele in Action
Kele from Bloc Party in his brand new Bronx

Bronx Line

12 Aug 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Kickstarting Copenhagen Fashion Week

Back in the warming bosom of Copenhagen, it's almost like coming home!

We're looking forward to meet everyone again and it’s also an important and much needed fresh start after all the summer extravaganza! It’s time to get our heads in the right place again, we're back for real and it feels great!

See you all at Copenhagen Fashion Week - Terminal 2!

Viktor & FD Crew

Terminal 2
Just about to kick off the day!

Terminal 2
The grand view of Terminal 2!

03 Aug 2010

Posted by: Sid

Metrovelvet Magazine Fashion Show

Hey Y'all,

Life is good down in Miami! Last Friday we arranged a fashion show together with Metrovelvet Magazine in South Beach.
The fashion show features some of the underwear from our upcoming Fall 2010 collection. Take a peak at the show down below.


02 Aug 2010

Posted by: Claudia

Sweet Japanese Grass Patterns

Have you watched the movie Signs?

The Japanese have taken grass patterns to a completely new level!

Every year the Japanese town of Inakadate arrange a big festival where they appoint the most dishy grass pattern.
Contributions from all over Japan are encouraged to take part. The patterns are constructed by planting different types of rice grains to create various images on the farmland.

Really cool, right??

Japanese Rice Paddy Art

02 Aug 2010

Posted by: Viktor


Dear Friends!

I hope that all of you is having a great summer!

I regret to say that the fall is just around the corner, but the arrival of fall also means spankin' fresh underwear from Frank Dandy.

So here is a sneak peek for you guys of what is about to come!

Frank Trunk

Soho Boxer

Lotti Hip