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22 Jul 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Mr. Fast-forward's beach favorite

Some say he's a creative young media pro. Some say he's hip & fashion. We say he's a fast-forward Frank Dandy friend.

Superswede Pär Lernström always stay ahead of the game and beach 2010 will def be Saint Paul-season.

Good choice Pär. No need to hide in the reeds.

Pär Lernström

19 Jul 2010

Posted by: Andy

Dandy Aussies on Euro Tour

Hey mates - Dandy Andy calling!

How's things down under? I'm overseas travelling Europe with the Frank Dandy Crew and life couldn't be better. Hot summer nights, sexy chicks, cold beers, world cup finals and street fashion mania. The life of the modern dandy i suppose he he.

Stockholm->Amsterdam->Berlin->Barcelona. Mad trip! Sydney next...where we'll present the Frank Dandy 2011 Collection. Later!


Stockholm Archipelago

Bread & Butter Berlin


14 Jul 2010

Posted by: Sid

South Beach Miami Show on Friday

Fashion Friends,

Frank Dandy just hit Miami Beach US. We're back to show off our latest Superwear creations.

Join us! Friday 9pm we'll premiere the Frank Dandy Spring-2011 Collection on South Beach Men's Show @ Maxine Lounge.

Gotta run, see ya friday!



11 Jul 2010

Posted by: Viktor

The Place to Be - B&B Berlin!


What a week. Berlin is Street Fashion at its best. This year the Bread & Butter Fashion Week was just outstanding. Cheers to all new Frank Dandy Friends and good as always to catch up with the old ones. Missed the action? Here's a shortcut to the No.1 fashion week in Europe:

07 Jul 2010

Posted by: Claudia

It's all good at Bread & Butter

Hi all!

Now we are finally where we belong, at Bread and Butter in Berlin. The vibe is perfect! Come visit us at the street fashion section at booth 1.8, we'll welcome you with open arms!

See you soon!

Bread & Butter Berlin