Frank Dandy Blog

26 May 2010

Posted by: Andy

Things are Stirring Down South

Friends! Things are stirring down south!

Frank Dandy’s advancement in Australia doesn’t go anyone by unnoticed. The grand fashion magazine, Sportswear International, just published an article on our development in my dear home country.

See you all soon!

Sportswear International

25 May 2010

Posted by: Viktor

A Friendly Recommendation

Hey Everyone,

I hope you haven’t missed our sweet beachwear! I am convinced that both the stylish Saint Paul and his crazier brother Lord Byron will do the job on the beach this upcoming summer. The summer is just around the corner; grab your own pair before it’s too late!

Lord Byron

19 May 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Time to dust off your Stars & Anchors

Hey Everyone!

The summer is finally entering Scandinavia, which means that it is time to dust off your nautical inspired clothing. A guy who is one step ahead of us is the Swedish blogger justanotherfashionkid who has written a blog post about how to spend quality time in Frank Dandy’s Stars & Anchor Briefs.

Stars & Anchor

10 May 2010

It's Done! Frank Dandy joins Bread & Butter this summer!

It’s done. This coming July we will crash the mighty halls of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. It’s once again Bread & Butter time! Frank Dandy Crew will be hanging out in the Street Fashion area, spinning our heads to avoid missing anything. Some really cool activities are already sprouting, can’t wait to give you all a hug!