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26 Apr 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Bronx Shows its True Colors

What a brilliant start of the week,

The spankin’ fresh Frank Dandy style Bronx is emphasized by King Magazine as one of the most interesting newcomers this coming fall. Take a look at the best of the rest here.

The Bronx style is inspired by the brute 1920’s boxing culture. The masculinity of the legendary Bronx boxing clubs is accentuated through detailing such as extra wide elastics, distinguished logotype badge, differing piping and rounded legs. This style is sure to leave you feeling as masculine as ever.

Frank Dandy - King Magazine

20 Apr 2010

Posted by: Sid

Mr. Dandy Inspires

We did it again,

The report on Scandinavian underwear design just hit me. Being the top trend analysts around, I’m pleased to see Frank Dandy highlighted as one of the most inspirational underwear fashion brands according to

What’s your favorite Frank Dandy style by the way?


18 Apr 2010

Posted by: Viktor

How to Crash a Spa and Get Away with it

I’m beat, jaded, exhausted and whacked.

This weekend one of our customers, Carlings, arranged one of their yearly, much anticipated parties. The venue for this kind of arrangement may seem slightly different since Yasuragi is a Japanese inspired Spa situated outside of Stockholm, but I have to admit that I love the clash of total tranquillity and party.

The anticipation was very high, and the party delivered well over our expectations. Fantastic food, stirring live music, an enthusiastic crowd and cold beers brought the right mood. Even the guests that were staying at Yasuragi to relax could not resist and started moving their feet. The pictures attached down below will help us prove our point.


17 Apr 2010

Posted by: Sid

Frank Dandy, Soon in a Store Close to You!

We are set to break into your hometown any day now,

Los Angeles + Palm Springs + San Francisco + Santa Monica + Atlanta + Hallandale + Provincetown + Seattle = Spread the word!

16 Apr 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

I feel an immediate urge to share my feel of thrill,

And, who wouldn’t be thrilled after experiencing catchy tunes mixed with cocktails in a showroom full of unreleased fashion?

Our eminent press agency in Sweden - A World Beneath arranged their press day today. Their showroom was full of fresh stuff from Nike, Burton, WeSC, Elvine, Wood Wood, and last but not least, Frank Dandy. Especially our newcomers, Frank, Fivestar and Bronx were treated with excited curiosity.

This fall will be something out of the ordinary.

AWB Press day

15 Apr 2010

Posted by: Claudia

Darf ich mich vorstellen Frank

Let me introduce Frank.

I love it, the word is out. Frank Dandy’s entrance in Germany is no longer a very well kept secret. Our German PR-agency arranged their press days this week, and Frank Dandy was approached from every flank, or what do you say of: Blonde, Glamour, Lodown, Neon, Financial Times Germany and Men's Health? A total of 70 journalists, designers and stylists visited the event.

The enthusiasm glowed in the German’s eyes, as a result, Frank Dandy is already set to be exposed in German magazines in June.


13 Apr 2010

Posted by: Andy

Back at the Office: Darlington Harbour

Alright folks,

I'm back at the office after a couple of weeks on the road. I have to admit that it's great to be back home on solid ground. I had an interesting journey, meeting a lot of people. I'm happy to announce that Frank Dandy now is represented in a couple of stores in Sydney!

I leave you with a picture of home sweet home.


11 Apr 2010

Posted by: Sid

Look Out Canada

We're on a roll ladies and gents!

The word is out and the pace is picking up. It will not be long until Frank Dandy is represented across the entire North American continent. We just signed two brand new stores within Canadian borders, so look out Quebec and Calgary!