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20 Feb 2010

Posted by: Sid

Meet a True Genius

Tip of the day and potentially of the year.

I visited Mr. Brainwashed’s exhibition a couple of days ago, and it was an exceptional experience! So, If you are a fan of contemporary art, it’s a do or die visit. Give him five minutes of your time down below, he deserves it! And next stop will be Meatpacking, NYC.

20 Feb 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Go Stonewashed! S/S-10 Frank Dandy News

I have an announcement to make,

2010 is the summer to go stonewashed, sun bleached and gently ripped jeans. Think of a warm summer day, 1990’s and Los Angeles. And what pair of underwear would be most suitable to wear underneath?

The Frank Dandy Spring/Summer 2010 has just hit the shelves loud and clear. Significant for the spring 2010 collection is the distinct colors in fresh combinations, which are inspired by summer time. The Spring 2010 also contains four pair of our own twist on briefs, filled to the brim with summer feel, catch a glimpse down below:

15 Feb 2010

Posted by: Sid

Dandy on Miamian Field Trip

Waking up to the tranquilizing sound of the ocean, I’m in Miami friends!

The best part is that it is exactly as mind numbing as you can imagine, and I worship it. The mix of intense lights, the soothing beaches and the untamed streets are just a few examples of the town’s grandeur. The Frank Dandy brand makes a natural fit to the surroundings, which made SoBe Men’s show a must to visit. The AW-2010 collection was received with great excitement. People were really happy to see that Frank Dandy is back, and the people who had not experienced the brand before were excited to see something new. Good stuff!


14 Feb 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Frank Dandy Kills it in Copenhagen

I am speechless.

Copenhagen was a blast from beginning to end. It’s hard to know where to look, to the left people dressed to die for, to the right the hottest news in fashion. The Copenhagen fashion fair is basically a long session of cherry-picking.

The fashion fair has over the years become an important venue for Frank Dandy. There are always influential journalists and designers running around, hungry as starving dogs for the latest. At CPH we premiered our newcomers for the fall 2010, and we got plenty attention. To say the least, it’s going to be an exciting fall.


10 Feb 2010

Posted by: Sid

Feelin' the Love in Vegas

I’m back,

Currently gracing the mighty Las Vegas with Frank Dandy’s presence. The CURVExpo is in town, which is an international lingerie and swim show. The U.S. expansion is on track, and we currently benefit from the sense that there is a natural compatibility between the Frank Dandy brand and the American market. The Americans simply adore our stuff!


The sweetest hotel in Las Vegas.

05 Feb 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Burn Your Underwear

The thermometer shows -27 ºC / -18.4 ºF and I’m burning underwear. However, not my own of course.

Yet again Frank Dandy went back to the snowy mountains of northern Scandinavia to praise those lost souls wearing boring undies when going extreme. The Frank Dandy Base Camp gathered the masses of people who desperately needed fresh Superwear and I must say the interest was overwhelming. Even television was around to document the mad idea of stripping your boring underwear (in these freezing cold conditions) to get a pair of Superwear.

We’ve spent three weeks up here and I honestly believe we somehow contributed to the evolution of stripping, fantastic. Stay around when Frank Dandy shows up next time!

02 Feb 2010

Posted by: Andy

The Frank Dandy Show Enters Australian Borders

Listen up fellow Aussies,

The Frank Dandy show has now entered Australian borders and we’re in for a hell of a ride! We’re already set to showcase the upcoming fall 2010 collection on fashion exposed in Sydney. Swing by and take a minute to eyeball our new stuff!