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17 Jan 2010

Posted by: Claudia

Back in Good Ol' Frankfurt

It’s great to be back in good ol’ Frankfurt, the Bright Tradeshow is in town! The Bright Tradeshow has over the last seasons been established as an important venue for street wear, sneakers and board sport in Europe. Frank Dandy has since its birth felt a strong attraction to the streets, so it feels right on target to be here!



08 Jan 2010

Posted by: Viktor

No Pants Subway Ride

It’s time again tomorrow.

It’s the yearly No Pants Subway Ride, established in NYC 2002. The organizers, Improv Everywhere, state that last year’s event attracted 3,000 people to take part trouserless in the subways of New York City. The organization claims that the purpose with the event is to cause “scenes of chaos and joy in public places”. Participants are urged to maintain a straight face, act as normal and pay no attention to other people without pants.

Next year Frank Dandy is bringing the No Pants Subway Ride to Stockholm, send your registration today -