15 Jun 2010

Posted by: Viktor

Before and After Spotify

Our lives are divided into two different music eras, before and after Spotify.

They have really succeeded to create an addiction; do you even remember how it was before Spotify? We confess that we are heavy users of the music community, probably 24/7, and that is horrifyingly enough not an overstatement. During these hours of usage, there have been a couple of tracks that have been played a few times more than others. We want to share these special tracks with all of you! We have therefore compiled a playlist, which we call “This is Frank Dandy”. The music on the list varies from new to old, rock to electro, but the music on the list is tied together by the theme of attitude, power and playfulness.

Please, send us your music recommendations.
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Frank Dandy's playlist, "This is Frank Dandy" can be found here.

This is Frank Dandy