24 Sep 2013

5 tips for a happy underwear life

1. If your underwear rip or torn in any way, just throw them away. Don’t be sentimental about old underwear, just let them go, you will feel relieved afterward we promise.

2. Don’t wear loose underwear with tight pants. It looks weird and it feels weird.

3. Take care of your underwear to make them last longer, don’t throw anything but pure cotton underwear in the dryer, so let all boxers with say a microfiber lining (like more or less all of our high quality underwear at Frank Dandy) hang dry.

Frank Dandy Candy Dandy Boxers

4. Make sure your underwear is high enough up and have good support, to spare your fellow citizens the sight when you bend over to get that pen you just dropped.

5. Make sure you get underwear that’s actually your size. Follow the size guide and measure your waist if you’re uncertain, here’s our size guide for Frank Dandy’s underwear:

Frank Dandy Size Guide