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Bamboo Tee's

  • Bamboo Tee - Black
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - Grey Melange
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - White
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - Burgundy
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - Space Green Indigo
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - Space Grey Navy
    39.95 USD
  • Bamboo Tee - Space Black
    39.95 USD

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About Frank Dandy

Welcome to the best place on the web to buy underwear! Frank Dandy is one of Scandinavia’s leading underwear manufacturers. That title we have earned by delivering innovative design and premium quality to a price unmatched by our competitors. We have chosen to work with a collective of talented designers and creative illustrators. We work hard to deliver the highest quality underwear to an affordable price. More Frank Dandy to everyone!