The Art of Underwear

Frank Dandy Art

The journey from Adam’s Fig Leaf to Frank Dandy Superwear

Today colorful underwear is standard, but it was all different back in the day. There were only single-colored alternatives available, which caught our attention and creative urge. Frank Dandy is a reaction against the boring – single colored - underwear fashion. We are pioneers of creative underwear design, defined by dazzling prints, innovative appliqués, hefty graphics and color schemes. With every collection, Frank Dandy wants to offer something different and unexpected. This is our history - The Art of Underwear.

Many people presume that Adam’s fig leaf was the very first predecessor of underwear. Sexy for sure, but not underwear. The fig leaf was worn directly on the body as you remember. The exact time period of underwear origin is yet to be determined, it is however our belief that the loincloth is the first version of underwear. The oldest known specimen of a loincloth was found on a frozen corpse in the Tyrolean Alps in the 90s and is assumed to be more than 5,000 years old.

The next major chapter in the history of underwear is connected to the invention of Spinning Jenny back in the 18th century, This was also the first time in history that people began buying designed underwear, sort of, instead of making them at home. The early 20th century brought dramatic changes again and the World Wars played much part also in the following development of underwear. Much more emphasis was now put into ease, efficiency and comfort. Improved design with less buttons and easier accessibility was therefore a logical step in this period of time. The improved design opened men’s eyes for attributes such as fit, accessibility and comfort. Finally.

A company that picked up on this was a famous Vermont-based factory, which patented the y-front with open fly to enhance accessibility. These briefs, as they are known today, were later introduced under the name of Jockey.

Until the beginning of World War II underwear was basically only available in white, but this changed once again as a consequence of warfare. American troops discovered that their washed white underwear that was hung out to dry attracted enemy fire. Olive Drab colored underwear, that blended in with the surroundings, was introduced and this was certainly an important step towards moving men’s underwear up the chain of fashion. Briefs and boxers in different colors soon out competed the white alternative and underwear, as we know it nowadays, was born.

Today underwear is a statement. It is a part of the identity we want to communicate to our fellow peers. Frank Dandy continuously challenges the traditional view of men’s underwear. We have fulfilled our initial goal of helping to create today’s underwear renaissance, but the journey has just begun. We always want to offer something new and unexpected, through creative design, but also through use of exciting materials and unbeatable fitting design.