Frank Underwear

The inspiration for the collection comes from the Swedish army's underwear – the underwear men refer to as the most comfortable they ever had.

Musse Hasselvall and his good friend Andreas Halldén created FRANK – as in, "Let's be frank."

About a two years ago, we asked Musse if he wanted to take on the position as Creative Director here at Frank Dandy. He started out by going through everything in detail: the look, models, and different styles. He felt that Frank Dandy lacked a proper basic alternative. Men don't know where to find such underwear anymore – basic underwear of good quality that keeps its shape.

The FRANK Private Boxer looks different from your regular boxer. It was inspired by Ilir, a 120 kilo Albanian friend of Musse. "He lost his apartment, and I offered to let him stay for a month. He stayed for eleven. Since we both were training for MMA at the time, we ran around at home in our underwear. Ilir wore his a bit different: He always pulled them up very high. I didn´t think much of it, but he insisted that it felt so good over his tummy."

That is why the FRANK Private Boxer has a higher waist than regular boxers. But also, so you can wear it in two different ways: High under a pair of high-waisted pants, or casually low under a pair of baggy trousers – anyway you prefer.

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