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04 Oct 2012

Do you want to become a Frank Dandy distributor or agent?

Frank Dandy is currently looking for wholesale distributors or agents for the Norwegian & Danish markets.

As a partner we expect you to have a:
Established distribution company/agency with a company profile that matches the Frank Dandy brand. Strong network of retailers and buyers on your local market. Wholesale experience of underwear, or other related fast moving fashion consumer goods. Experience of setting up long term sales strategies and forecasts.

What you get from Frank Dandy is the opportunity to establish a great underwear range packaged in a strong concept on your local market, all with the support from a young and dedicated team.

For more information please contact:

Daniel Westerberg
Phone: +46(0)702 32 04 60

22 Aug 2012

Frank Dandy prints by Mander

We are thrilled to present Graphic Designer/Illustrator Martin Ander aka 'Mander' as one of our print contributors for the FALL 2012 line.

Frank Dandy prints by Mander

With an aesthetic deeply rooted in graffiti and skateboard culture "Mander" creates art with the sensibility of a true craftsman. His art often incorporates clues to his references or subject matter, much like the works of his predecessors and common sources of inspiration; Rick Griffin, Jim Phillips and Hans Arnold.
His work has been featured in a number of books and publications and now also on our underwear!

Check out his site for more amazing stuff.

12 Aug 2012

Frank Dandy Fall Collection


The featured fall campaign was shot at The Biological Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Frank Dandy Fall Collection

11 May 2012

Frank Dandy Summer Collection

Frank Dandy’s summer collection has finally sneaked up on the weather. Its now possible to see all the beautiful pieces of underwear for both men and women on our site. We have some exciting new patterns and colours are made for your consideration. A personal favourite is the new coloured swimwear Saint Paul that comes in a vivid grapevine colour! But it’s much more than that. The collection photos are taken from our infamous boy photographer and have given this collection a twist we haven’t had, with a more playful and sexy photos. Frank Dandy’s summer collection isn’t as strong coloured as usual but plays more with blue, turquoise and white to be more in line with the summer to come. With some exceptions of course, but we can’t turn all around from who we are.

Frank Dandy S12

//Frank Dandy Crew

11 Apr 2012

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2012!

We are happy to announce that our site has ones again been distinguished as an Official Honoree at The Annual Webby Awards. This meens that we are among the 16 best eCommece sites world wide according to The 16th Annual Webby Awards! Can we get a Woop Woop?! ;)

2011 was the first time got an Official Honoree at The Webby Awards and now we have receved a second one! This year over 8000 entries submitted to the 16th Annual Webby Awards, fewer than 15% were distinguished as an Official Honoree. This honor signifies an outstanding caliber of work according to The Webby Awards.

Frank Dandy Webby Awards Honoree

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02 Apr 2012

New Updated Swimwear Collection!

Need a new piece for the nice summer occasions, whether its laying on the beach, sailing or just playing a game of football it’s nice to have a new fresh pair, check out our new pieces here: Swimwear Collection2012


Above you can see one of our many new pieces of swimwear. This one in a fresh orange color representing a stormy summer ocean!

Want to see the swimwear? click here!

// Frank Dandy Crew

26 Mar 2012

Do you have a pair?

Last Friday we sent you a newsletter with our new socks collection but if you haven´t seen it yet. Here´s a new chance.

The Bam Boo Sox Collection have fun and creative socks swell as solid colored socks. Find them here

Wanna watch more frank dandy videos? Klick here to go to our YouTube channel

20 Mar 2012

Photo shoot Winter 2012

We start this week with a crazy photo shoot for the Winter Collection 2012. Colorful prints for colorful people like always. The photo shoot was a blast! Of course we want you to feel the same happiness for the brand and company as we do, there fore here are some backstage photos. Enjoy!

/ / Frank Dandy Crew

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

Frank Dandy_photoshoot

21 Feb 2012

Introducing Treasure Trunks

Treasure Trunk Swim Shorts is a modern fit piece with a new functionality. Treasure Trunks have an inner lining looking like a pair of underwear for extra comfort made out of a quick-drying material. So no more wet hours after taking a swim in the ocean!

As you can see below they come in both yellow or blue.

Frank Dandy Treasure Trunk Blue

Frank Dandy Treasure Trunk Yellow

// Frank Dandy Crew

21 Feb 2012

20% OFF on special pieces

To really get into the spring feel at the moment, we provide you with a wonderful discount of 20% on our selected pieces, Pitch, Hank, Legend and Five star.

All in variations from boxers, briefs and trunks. But be quick! The offer stands until 27th February. You get the discount when you write the code LOVE-FD in the check out.