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04 Mar 2014


Picture this scenario:

We produce a product that we consider to be a blank canvas. We contact Leo Lyxxx, a long time friend of ours who passionately fills blank canvases for a living. Done!...Yes, it really was that simple to get this collaboration off the ground. So why Leo Lyxxx one might ask? Well from our end it was pretty much a "no brainer". Leos artistic expression is humorous, playful, eye catching and executed with a great deal of craftsmanship. What more could one ask for? We gave Leo free hands to create, and in exchange Leo opened his brain archive and pulled out the most obscure 80's horror flicks and dreams of jungle expeditions. The result was a wide array of prints now available to everyone.

03 Oct 2013

'Til Summer Comes Around - How to make winter go by faster

If you happen to be one of those lucky bastards living in the southern hemisphere this blog post might not make much sense to you, but if you are stuck up here in the cold northern with us you know what we’re talking about. Winter’s coming and you are desperately trying to figure out how to make those long, cold, dark days go by. Well, wonder no more! Frank will give you his best tips on how to make this winter seem like a walk in the park, without actually having to take one.

Play video games – Yeah, it’s a no brainer, if you don’t have GTA V yet go get it right now! That ought to keep you busy for some time, plus it’s always summer in Los Santos!

Frank Say's: Play Video Games

Cook – Not only do you need to eat more in winter, cooking is also a nice indoor activity that kills a lot of time if you just go for those slow cooking recipes. Also: you get to eat it afterwards, hurray! And remember: eating alone is boring so invite some friends or a neighbor or parent or whomever over to share the meal with you.

Do charity – Not all charity means standing in the freezing cold giving food to the homeless or trying to get people to sign a petition. You can help challenged kids with their homework, help a new citizen learn the language or help out at a local shelter. There’s a lot of websites helping you find a suitable organization for you, just google volounteer work or charity work in your language. Doing something for others not only is good it feels good to.

Go Cultural – If you are like most people you hardly set foot at a museum, theatre or opera this summer, and no shame in that, summer is for the outdoors. But now it’s time to get your cultural capital refilled, spend your Sunday in a museum and know that you get to treat yourself in the café afterwards for good behavior.

Create something – DIY is hot, and it’s fun! Build yourself a bookshelf or a chair or borrow a sewing machine and make a totebag or a t-shirt or something. Having something in your house that you made yourself is a daily reminder of your own capacity and excellence. Unless you completely fail, in which case it’s a constant reminder of your inadequacy and inferiority.

I built this with my bear hands meme

If, however, you happen to be unlucky enough to have a job, school, friends that needs visiting or you just have to go to the store to buy food, don't miss out on our long johns, leggings and beanies in the Winter Accessories department here on Frank Dandy:
Frank Dandy Gladuar Long Johsn and Leggings

24 Sep 2013

5 tips for a happy underwear life

1. If your underwear rip or torn in any way, just throw them away. Don’t be sentimental about old underwear, just let them go, you will feel relieved afterward we promise.

2. Don’t wear loose underwear with tight pants. It looks weird and it feels weird.

3. Take care of your underwear to make them last longer, don’t throw anything but pure cotton underwear in the dryer, so let all boxers with say a microfiber lining (like more or less all of our high quality underwear at Frank Dandy) hang dry.

Frank Dandy Candy Dandy Boxers

4. Make sure your underwear is high enough up and have good support, to spare your fellow citizens the sight when you bend over to get that pen you just dropped.

5. Make sure you get underwear that’s actually your size. Follow the size guide and measure your waist if you’re uncertain, here’s our size guide for Frank Dandy’s underwear:

Frank Dandy Size Guide

04 Jul 2013

Frank's top 10 SALE items

1. Continental Breakfast Boxer - Navy

I love these, the retro comic design and the shade of blue and obviously, breakfast! Who doesn't love breakfast?
Go get em!

2. Gladuar Tank Top - Orange

Grrr! Ok so wild animals = cool, tank tops = cool! Ergo; this tank top is double cool. And it never ever goes out of style, animal patterns will always be stylish.
Go get it!

3. 3P Five Star Solid Briefs White

Some days you just want to be proper, clean and fresh, and these solid classic briefs are perfect for just that! The fact that you get 3 of them for basically nothing makes them the perfect smart buy that you will appreciate many, many days to come.
Go get em!

4. Positvity Short Boxer

Stay Positive! These cheerful boxers brights up any day, I also really like the trendy color combination of turquoise and cerise.
Go get em!

5. Ghettoblaster Boxer

Nothing says summer like ghettoblasters! I also really like the red accentuated waistband.
Go get em!

6. Bamboo Socks - Red

Red socks signalize that you are a rebellious soul, even if you wear it with a suit and a tie. These are the perfect wink to your surrounding that you will never surrender on your values! You are not just buying a pair of crazy cheap crazy comfortable high quality socks, you are buying your freedom!
Go get em!

7. Walton Hip Navy

Ornaments and skulls are the perfect combo of classy and cool, says Frank.
Go get em!

8. Comic Square Boxer - Ocra

These retro comic inspired boxers use a great combo of colours and patterns creating a nice graphic feel.
Go get em!

9. Pitch Boxer Brief

The pitch boxer briefs are a nother great example of great design that never goes out of style. These college sports briefs are timeless and smashing.
Go get em!

10. Colourblock Mint Boxer

They make me think of ice cream, yum!
Go get em!

17 Jun 2013

Frank's favourite beaches

Want to put your new Frank Dandy swimwear in an awesome setting?
-Here's Frank's top 5 favourite beaches in Europe for you!

1. Turkey: Butterfly Valley, Fethiye
This beach is not for the couch potato, you either trekk here in the mountains (about an hour each way) or you get here by boat. But it sure is worth the trouble! This beach has no electricity, water scooter rental or other nonsense, just sand, water and total bliss (and a laid back hippie-style restaurant, no need to starve).

2. France: La Côte des Basques, Biarritz
This untamed yet exclusive beach has been a popular surfing spot since the 50's, and still is! The bars and restaurants surrounding the beach serves tired sunbathers and surfers great cocktails in a relaxed surfer friendly establishments.

3. Spain: Playa de ses Illetes, Formentera
White sand and crystal clear water on each side of the beach. This place is magic! However avoid it during tourist season, the best time to visit this little piece of heaven on earth is in September. And be sure to not miss the fantastic sunset!

4. Greece: Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia
One of the most beautiful beaches in the world for sure, this is a must for anyone planning a trip to Greece this summer (if you weren't already planning one, maybe you should start doing so right now!). Hidden at the bottom of a steep mountain, this beach feels like a hidden treasure to any visitor. This beach has been voted best beach in Greece 12 times, go see why!

5. Portugal: Falesia Beach, Albufeira
The white sand stretches for several kilometers with beautiful red cliffs making it look almost surreal. This beach is truly original and has all amenities you could ever wish for, without loosing it's untamed flair. If you can muster the energy needed to walk some few hundred metres away from the contact points you can also enjoy a bit of privacy.

04 Oct 2012

Frank Dandy opens concept store

The shop is adjacent to the company's new office and showroom on Västmannagatan 47 in Stockholm.

We are pleased that we have found a location where we combine our daily core business of offering consumers the ability to purchase our products in a natural pure Frank Dandy store. This physical area gives us another platform to showcase our whole concept.

04 Oct 2012

Do you want to become a Frank Dandy distributor or agent?

Frank Dandy is currently looking for wholesale distributors or agents for the Norwegian & Danish markets.

As a partner we expect you to have a:
Established distribution company/agency with a company profile that matches the Frank Dandy brand. Strong network of retailers and buyers on your local market. Wholesale experience of underwear, or other related fast moving fashion consumer goods. Experience of setting up long term sales strategies and forecasts.

What you get from Frank Dandy is the opportunity to establish a great underwear range packaged in a strong concept on your local market, all with the support from a young and dedicated team.

For more information please contact:

Daniel Westerberg
Phone: +46(0)702 32 04 60

22 Aug 2012

Frank Dandy prints by Mander

We are thrilled to present Graphic Designer/Illustrator Martin Ander aka 'Mander' as one of our print contributors for the FALL 2012 line.

Frank Dandy prints by Mander

With an aesthetic deeply rooted in graffiti and skateboard culture "Mander" creates art with the sensibility of a true craftsman. His art often incorporates clues to his references or subject matter, much like the works of his predecessors and common sources of inspiration; Rick Griffin, Jim Phillips and Hans Arnold.
His work has been featured in a number of books and publications and now also on our underwear!

Check out his site for more amazing stuff.

12 Aug 2012

Frank Dandy Fall Collection


The featured fall campaign was shot at The Biological Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Frank Dandy Fall Collection

11 May 2012

Frank Dandy Summer Collection

Frank Dandy’s summer collection has finally sneaked up on the weather. Its now possible to see all the beautiful pieces of underwear for both men and women on our site. We have some exciting new patterns and colours are made for your consideration. A personal favourite is the new coloured swimwear Saint Paul that comes in a vivid grapevine colour! But it’s much more than that. The collection photos are taken from our infamous boy photographer and have given this collection a twist we haven’t had, with a more playful and sexy photos. Frank Dandy’s summer collection isn’t as strong coloured as usual but plays more with blue, turquoise and white to be more in line with the summer to come. With some exceptions of course, but we can’t turn all around from who we are.

Frank Dandy S12

So check out the new summer 2012 collection here with all the new prints accessible now!

//Frank Dandy Crew