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  • Zebra Boxer - White
    29 USD
  • Crocodile Boxer - Green
    29 USD
  • Tiger Boxer - Flame
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  • Cow Boxer - White
    29 USD
  • 2 pack Zebra Boxer - Black/White
    52 USD
  • 2-pack Crocodile Boxer - Green
    52 USD
  • 2 pack Tiger Boxer - Flame
    52 USD

Frank Dandy featured articles

Frank Dandy Legends

You know that person who just does. As in just does without any grand delusions of fame or fortune, no rewards, no thanks needed, just fuelled by an inherent drive and passion. We all know them, we all remember them from our youth, they are our personal heroes and it’s time to shine some light on them. Meet Jonas Olsson and his Legend Claes Cronqvist.

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Frank Dandy Spring 2016

We aim to expand the notion of our brand, while doing so we have turned our eyes in all directions. Starting from the place closest to our heart, the skin, and working our way out from the inside. We ended up pairing comfort with functionality and applied these to items used everyday, when you’re up in the clouds or even under water!

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This season Frank Dandy joins forces with the Non-Violence Movement in a joint effort to make the world a more colourful and peaceful place to live.

The Non-Violence Movement is a brand aimed to increase awareness and create revenue for the Non-Violence Project - a non-profit, non-political independent organization teaching young people how to solve conflicts peacefully. Since it’s founding in 1993 they have reached over 6 million people and their work has been awarded by heads of state and notable institutions across the world.

For the Fall 15 collection we have created a range of products sure to raise some eyebrows and spirits. A portion of the proceeds go directly towards helping the project in their quest for a non-violent world.

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Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, is an artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer with over 15 years experience in the creative industry. His signature mesmeric drawings have been published and exhibited worldwide. The collaboration with Frank Dandy marks his first experiments with repeatable patterns. He has been responsible for designing some of the most groundbreaking independent magazines of the last decade including the alternative children’s magazine Anorak and the award­winning food quarterly Fire & Knives.

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About Frank Dandy

Welcome to the best place on the web to buy underwear! Frank Dandy is one of Scandinavia’s leading underwear manufacturers. That title we have earned by delivering innovative design and premium quality to a price unmatched by our competitors. We have chosen to work with a collective of talented designers and creative illustrators. We work hard to deliver the highest quality underwear to an affordable price. More Frank Dandy to everyone!